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 Digital Technology & Educational Design

ED 586 Educational Technology



Summer 2012  M, W, Th 6:30-9:20  OC 211

14 May - 14 June





John Carroll University   

Department of Education and Allied Studies


If we teach today as we taught yesterday, then we rob our  children of tomorrow -- John Dewey

Instructor:    David Shutkin, Ph.D.

Office:        AD 304       

Land line:     216.397.4754

E-mail:              dshutkin@jcu.edu

Web site:            http://one2oneheights.pbwiki.com

WebLog:                http://dshutkin.blogspot.com


Office Hours: Wednesday and Thursday: 2:00-4:00PM, 8:45-9:45PM 

Welcome! This version of ED586 has been designed to support pre-service and in-service teachers at the graduate level. The course concerns the flexibility and complexity of digital technology to advance learning 21st century skills. Web 2.0 applications will be used to design, implement and assess technologically enhanced learning environments. The lived experiences and digital literacies of students will be explored.

Required Book

Warschauer, M. (2011) Learning in the Cloud:  How (and Why) to Transform Schools with Digital Media.  New York : Teachers College Press. ISBN: 9780807752494


Course Themes









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